GIRL CHAT - We've Completely Changed by 30 Going on 13 (2024)

GIRL CHAT - We've Completely Changed by 30 Going on 13 (1)

By 30 Going on 13

Welcome to 30 Going on 13! This podcast will be all about my self-love journey that I am just NOW beginning at 30 years old. It will be all about me finding my identity and how I am embarking on my path to true happiness. My life has been full of ups and downs, from panic attacks to numerous heart breaks. I will be vulnerable and raw with you in every single episode. This is where I get to heal and grow, and I hope you enjoy watching me transform. Thank you for your support, & Happy Healing!

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GIRL CHAT - We've Completely Changed by 30 Going on 13 (2)

GIRL CHAT - We've Completely Changed

30 Going on 13Jun 25, 2024



GIRL CHAT: Toxic Love vs. Healthy LoveCome sit on the couch with my bestie and I. In this episode, we discuss all things LOVE. Between the two of us, we have been in way too many unhealthy relationships. We talk all about it here! I hope you can relate and enjoy getting to know us on a deeper level. As always, thank you for your support, and Happy Healing!! Jul 02, 202434:19I'm Sorry MomMy mom has been affected by some of the things I've said in other episodes, so I wanted to apologize to her with an entire episode. In this episode, I talk about the good ol' hot and cold mother/daughter dynamic. I hope you enjoy and as always, Happy Healing!!Jun 18, 202421:33My First Ever FULL YEAR of Being Single!In this episode I celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being SINGLE! The longest I have ever been single has been about 1 month TOPS, so this is a BIGGGGG deal for your girl. I reflect on my growth over the past year, and I share some vulnerable journal entries with you. Thank you for celebrating my one year SINGLE-versary with me! Happy Healing!!May 07, 202415:08Called 911 For My First Ever Panic Attack In this episode, I talk about my first ever panic attack. It got so scary that we had to call 911. I've been suffering from anxiety for 6 years now, so you will get hear all about my first experience with it. I hope you enjoy getting to know me, feel less alone if you also have anxiety, and as always Happy Healing!!Apr 02, 202411:124 Ways To Love YourselfIn this episode I talk all about how I learned to fully love myself over these last 9 months. It's pretty full circle that my first episode, released on October 21 is titled: 4 Reasons Why I Didn't Love Myself Until I was 30, and then 21 weeks later, the title of this episode is 4 Ways to Love Yourself. I finally figured it out! Thank you for your support, and as always, Happy Healing!Mar 07, 202431:56My Skin Gave My Ex-Boyfriend Anxiety - VITILIGO In this episode, I talk all about my autoimmune disease Vitiligo. From the day I was diagnosed 6 years ago, to how I still currently struggle with accepting it. A lot of tears were shed, and a lot of healing was had, while telling you all about my journey. I hope you appreciate my vulnerability and learning about my biggest insecurity. After hearing/watching this episode, I hope that you can truly believe that you are beautiful EXACTLY as you are. Thank you for your continued support, and as always Happy Healing! Feb 27, 202423:17I Moved In With Him After Only 1 Month Of Knowing HimIn this episode I explain why I moved in with my ex after only knowing him for 1 month. I know what you're thinking, but I promise I had good reasoning behind it (LOL). You'll have to listen to this episode to find out! I also touch upon my ex before the most recent, and give them both nicknames. Thank you for your support and as always Happy Healing!Nov 22, 202325:11Getting Ghosted For the First Time EVER - Story Time In this episode I will tell you the full story regarding my first ever experience of getting ghosted. It was totally unexpected, and NOT fun. Getting ghosted completely changed my life; as dramatic as that sounds, it's the truth. Tune in to hear all about it! Let me know if you can relate, and Happy Healing!Nov 01, 202325:11My First Adult Birthday Without A ManIn this episode, I share a story from the night of my 31st birthday. I talk about my struggles with alcohol, and being single for the first time on my birthday. You will also get a chance to know me from my friends' perspectives. I made them leave me birthday messages, which are beautiful and hilarious. Thank you for listening and as always, Happy Healing!Oct 26, 202325:44
GIRL CHAT - We've Completely Changed by 30 Going on 13 (2024)
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